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Performer Rights:

If at any time a performer feels that he/she is in a hostile, unsafe, hazardous, otherwise unacceptable environment, that performer has the right leave with full compensation from the client. The performer also has the right to refuse to services if the client is negligent, absent, disrespectful, and/or inebriated or under the influence of any foreign substance. This also applies to the COVID_19 Pandemic. If a performer arrives to a party of more than 20 people in attendance, we reserve full rights to either put on a mask or leave with no refund, and full compensation from the client. We ask that our clients be respectful of the performer's individual comfort level in any given situation in light of COVID-19. 

Late Bookings: 
Any booking received with less than 2 week notice will be considered a "Late Booking". This means that Royally Yours Princess Parties reserves the right to charge anywhere from a $75.00 surcharge up to a $300.00 surcharge per character for bookings made and paid for in this time period to make up for the additional costs of performers schedule inconvenience, travel time and gas to picking up costumes with a late notice. The amount charged will directly relate to the date of given notice. We appreciate understanding as it takes a lot of time and last minute planning to make last minute bookings a magical reality. 

Cooperate Events:

We have a 25 child limit on birthday parties, so larger event pricing is different than stated on our website! Please inquire directly for pricing on large events.  

Bulk Princess Party Policy:

If the event exceeds 3 princesses, Royally Yours reserves the right to change the "additional" princess fee listed on our website. Orchestrating more than 3 princesses to attend an event takes a lot of work and time, and the change in fee will reflect that. For parties over 3 princesses, custom pricing will apply. 

Travel Charges:

Royally Yours will charge $1.25 for every mile outside of a 10 mile radius of our home office in Dallas, Texas.   These costs are to be paid up front and will be clearly specified prior to the event.

Performer Requests:

We do our best to comply with requests for specific performers to portray any character. However- we cannot always guarantee that a certain performer will be available. Thank you for understanding. 

Substance use:

Please do not smoke, consume alcohol, or abuse any other substance while we are attending your event. We work very hard to keep our dresses clean and presentable and appreciate your cooperation.


Gratuity is never required but always appreciated. All our actors/actresses are highly trained to make sure your party is pixie perfect! If you feel our performer did an outstanding job, please feel free to acknowledge their talents and efforts as you feel appropriate. 


Please kennel or otherwise restrain any and all animals during the event. This will allow our performers to focus on providing your son/daughter the best possible experience while protecting them and their costumes from harm.  Failure to comply will result in the performer leaving with full compensation.  Pet owners are responsible for any damage caused by their pets to the performers’ costumes.


Royally Yours Princess Parties has never canceled a party. In our 9+ years of business we always schedule backups for events. If some reason should arise that a client needs to cancel their party, the deposit will not 

​ be refunded. Instead- the deposit will be able to be used for any event within 365 days of the original event date.

Weather Conditions: 

To protect against inclement weather, indoor events are strongly recommended.  For the sake of our performers' safety, we reserve the right not perform outdoors when temperatures drop below 65F or exceed 85F. In the case of inclement weather (rain, snow, hail, etc.) the client will be responsible of finding a suitable indoor venue, otherwise the event will be rescheduled. If no reschedule date can be agreed upon, this contract shall become null and void, all deposit and balance payments shall be refunded in full, and both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other.

Exclusivity Clause: 

We do not allow competing companies with "similar characters" at any of our events. Royally Yours Princess Parties reserves full right to leave the event with full compensation if this occurs. We cannot control the actions of other companies nor do we want any confusion which character is from what company. Royally Yours will leave with full compensation with no push back from a client.  This same rule applies for charity events. We kindly ask that any volunteers are not representing "similar" characters to ours. 

Booking length changes: 

At this time, Royally Yours Princess Parties does not accept party time length changes without approval by staff. Once a party is booked and a time length is chosen it is set. Any location changes, time changes, etc need approval by our staff with at least 2 weeks notice. Parties are booked first come, first serve with a paid deposit meaning we decline and accept bookings based on what the current schedule allows.


It is not the intention of Royally Yours Princess Parties to violate any copyright laws. All of our characters are generic storybook characters. By booking a character with us you fully understand that you are not booking a copyrighted character. 

*Royally Yours Princess Parties reserves the right to change and alter these policies at any given time for any reason thereof dependent on specific situations. 


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