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Frequently Asked Questions


What can we expect once our character arrives? 

Your character performer will call you upon his/her arrival. They should arrive anywhere from 15-30 minute before the time they are supposed to walk into the door. 5 Minutes before the start of your event they will leave their carriage, and come knock on the door! Then the party begins! 

Can we tip our performer?

Of course! Gratuity is always appreciated but never expected. If your performer did an exceptional job, it would be similar to tipping your waitress at a restaurant! 

Can we request a performer? 

We try to fulfill performer requests as best that we can! We never can guarantee it however. Things can happen like family emergencies and sickness that may cause a change in availability! 

Can we change the layout of activities during the party? 

Sure you may! If you'd like our princess to open presents with your little one, we can trade that out for a game. Please never hesitate to ask if you'd like something special! 

When do you collect the final balance?

We always collect the final balance the day of your party! This amount may be paid through our booking system or in cash/venmo to @royallyyoursprincessparties.

What do we need to provide for the performer?

Not a thing! Our performers bring all of their supplies for your event. They may just ask for a chair to read a story on and a bottle of water. Otherwise we bring everything!


How big of a space does the performer need?

Most families just host their parties in a large space, like your living room! We will always alter our activities to fit whatever space is provided. We just need enough room to dance and play the day away! 

Do you offer corporate and charity events?

Yes we do! We just ask that you inquire directly for availability and pricing! 

We want to book the princess of the month! Where does the discount appear?

Mention the princess of the month after booking and the 10% discount will come off of your final balance! It should be stated in a follow up email, but if we slip up just give us a gentle reminder! 

What do we do if we need to reschedule?

Send us an email! We will be happy to reschedule your booking for you. We will apply your booking deposit to a new available date. Please just note that no money put down on the party can be refunded, only transferred. 

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