Houston Branch


Royally Yours Princess Parties is the premier choice in children's entertainment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and as of 2022 expanded into Houston TX. It was founded in 2016 and is based out of Mckinney, TX, but we are excited to be bringing magic to the HTX area. We have a true passion for making children smile. Our Founder always loved princesses as a little girl, and they continue to always bring her joy that she wants to share with others. Now teaming up with our branch manager Lauren, we get the chance to expand our company and the magic. This company has a dream of making the impossible possible, and believes every child should be able to meet their favorite storybook character with ease and spend their special day with them! We pay close attention to detail, and make sure all of our costumes are tailored to perfection and are extremely authentic (with help from our fairy godmother of course!) All our actresses also sing, and will stay in character throughout the entire duration of your party to ensure the magic! We want to make your child's special day a day that everyone will remember.

Our Performers

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Christina- CEO, Owner & Performer 

Christina is a strong willed, bubbly 25 year old & the proud owner of Royally Yours! She opened this company in 2016 and it fulfilled everything she ever wanted. She opened the company when she was just 18, and went on to grow the company into what it is today. In 2019 she was hired by The Walt Disney Company and performed 3 face character roles for them including Belle, Mary Poppins and Rey. She now is home back in DFW and can't believe she gets to make magic in her hometown of Dallas once again. Over the years Christina has made magic at over 1000 parties and events-Fully training her beloved cast members always encouraging them to be the best they can be! Ariel has been her favorite princess since she was little because Ariel would give up anything to follow her dreams. The story of The Little Mermaid truly inspired Christina to start this company and inspire all children to follow their dreams just like she did. 

-Portrays Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty Princess, Rapunzel, The Ice Queen, The Snow Princess, Tinker Fairy, Animal Fairy, Frost Fairy, Jedi, Practically Perfect Nanny, Greek Goddess, Cinderella's Stepsisters, Alice and Teen Villains


Lauren- Character Trainer & performer

Lauren is a passionate 25 year old from Houston, TX. She fell in love with performing, costumery, and storytelling at a very young age and is thrilled that she gets to incorporate her passions into her work every day. Lauren has 15+ years of training in dance, acting, and vocal performance, 5 years of modeling experience, and has spent 4 magical years in the character performance industry. When she isn’t portraying princesses, she runs her own wig styling business carefully crafting wigs so that other girls can portray princesses as well. Her favorite princess has always been Rapunzel! Lauren loves her for her ability to overcome loneliness and isolation through her strength, courage, and intuition. She can’t wait to share the magic!

-Portrays Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty Princess, Rapunzel, The Ice Queen, The Snow Sister, The Scottish Lass, Tinker Fairy, Fast Flying Fairy, Frost Fairy, Animal Fairy, Flower Fairy, Jedi, Greek Goddess, Cinderella's Stepsisters and Teen Villains.


Hannah- Houston Branch Manager & Performer

Hannah was born and raised in North Houston, and while she was a longtime Disney fanatic, and performer (baton twirling and dancing), the two didn’t combine until 2018 at her first princess party! Hannah had met characters before then, and was waiting to figure out her own way to spread magic around her community. Hannah has been a character performer for 4 years before helping found and run the Houston Branch of Royally Yours. She's made magic with lots of companies in the area and is now committed to bring Houston the best of the best when it comes to your child's big day. She’s the second oldest of six, which helped influence her love of children and led to making magic at birthday parties. Hannah’s favorite princess is Belle, and still loves to read, working on her own private library in her castle! Hannah’s favorite part of birthday parties is the first hug from the birthday girl! 

Portrays Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Beauty Princess, Rapunzel, Snow Sister, Ice Queen, Tinker Fairy and more! 


Kristen- Performer

Kristen is a bright and sparkly 22 year old from Houston, TX. She has been singing, dancing, and acting for 16 years and her dream is to perform for the rest of her life! Although she did play the role of Ariel in a childhood production of The Little Mermaid and Mushu in a production of Mulan, her favorite princess is actually Rapunzel. Like Rapunzel, Kristen has “magical” blonde hair, big green eyes, and dreams of adventure in the big, bright, beautiful world! Also, like Rapunzel, her best friend is not a person, but a majestic Persian cat named Bon Bon.  Kristen can’t wait to share her sparkle with your little princes, princesses, and dreamers!

Portrays Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty Princess, Rapunzel, The Snow Sister, and more

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Becky- Cinderella-5.jpg

Becky- Performer

Becky is a warm 25 year old from right here in Houston, Texas! She has always loved singing, dressing up, and spreading as many smiles as possible. Becky is a classically trained singer with 14 years of performance experience and 11 years of vocal coaching. She has been in the character performance industry since 2017, and has loved every moment of it! Becky's favorite princess is Anna for her feisty spirit, determination to help others, and endless optimism! Becky cannot wait to share smiles, songs, and memories with all your little ones!

 Portrays Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Beauty Princess, Rapunzel, Ice Queen, Snow Princess, Tinker Fairy and more!


MElisa- Performer

Melisa is a bubbly and bright performer. Her first language is Spanish! She started singing from a very young age. Melisa comes from a rich musical background. She has played guitar and the flute for 10+ years. Melisa enjoys performing in musical theatre and spends her free-time songwriting. She has an Associate of Arts and is majoring in Graphic Design. Her favorite princess is Rapunzel because of her adventurous spirit! Melisa is so excited to sing together, spread magic at your party, and create a memory that lasts a lifetime! 

Portrays Beauty Princess, Arabian Princess, Wayfinder Princess, Mirabel the Miracle and Dragon Princess