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Upcoming Public Events

Cinderella's Summer Celebration- August 12th, 2023

Come one, come all to Cinderella's Summer Celebration! This event features 10 of your favorite fairytale princess friends in ONE place! This 1.5 hour event is sure to make your week magical by bringing together all the things you love. Join us for an interactive story-time with our favorite story loving princess, princess dances, vocal performance from 2 Princesses, pixie dust and more. Enjoy creating memories as you meet each princess in attendance. Each guest will have the opportunity to take photos, get autographs, and get to spend time with their favorite princess.

Pretty Princess Parties Houston Fairytale Ball- September 30th, 2023

Join all your favorite princesses for stories, songs, dances, and the best day ever! Tickets limited to ensure a magical experience

The event begins with a royal entrance, vocal performance and a princess dance performance. During our meet and greet portion - you'll meet every princess for photos and hugs! Elsa will share her most magical song. We have games in store, like freeze dance and ocean yoga! We will have crafts to create, a parade to perform, and more!

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